J.Rox Originals, Jane Apor’s handmade collection of luxurious necklaces drape around the neck like multi-hued icicles. And by creating cool contours with semi-precious stones, her jewelry makes a statement, whether subtle or strong, that accessories need not be ostentatious to be awe-inspiring.

It all began on a beach in the Hamptons a decade ago. When Jane picked up a seashell, she did not hear music, she saw the possibility for a pendant, and resourcefully affixed the shell to her neck with a strand of seaweed. And despite endless praise from vacationing New Yorkers, Jane hardly considered going into production. Still, the ability to create what she would herself have bought made a lasting impression.

After returning to her childhood home of Toronto in spring 2002, having spent four years in New York and three years in London, Jane was intent on a career change, but began this transition with a trip to Florida where she was reminded of her Hamptons hobby. With an M.B.A in Arts and Media, and seven years experience in product development and marketing for Estee Lauder, Jane realized she had the colour-meets-commerce foundation to design a cosmopolitan counterpart to that seashell prototype. Hence the lariat: a versatile accessory that could be tied in various ways, and even wrapped as a belt around a distressed pair of jeans. Soon after, the excitement came not only from women wherever she went, but from the media as well. J.Rox have made appearances in Flare, Fashion, FQ, CTV, HGTV, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star among others.

Crystal quartz, mother of pearl, carnelian, amethyst, amazonite – a rainbow of semi precious stones - Jane’s ever-expanding designs have gained momentum since the day she rolled them out. And she rocks ever onward. Jane has carved a path to success in semi-precious stone.